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Curator of China Arts and crafts Jiade department general manager Qiao Hao introduced old furniture actually very modern can travel hundreds of years.

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Therefore, Zheng He's voyages to the western seas, interior and exterior decoration etc. In fact in the Ming and Qing Dynasties lacquer furniture is very popular And the source in the Warring States period Xing in the Western Han Dynasty Wei and Jin Dynasties to mature after lost "folder of bodiless" technique in the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty is Fuzhou Shen Shao'an again created and through the improvement is now Fuzhou bodiless lacquerware In the late Qing Dynasty to 1937 there were many folk art workshop is a lacquer furniture to the prosperity of the folk Private workshops in scale and techniques can not be compared with the royal After the Ming and Qing Dynasties especially after the end of the Qing Dynasty lacquer furniture into an impasse the big reason is the exquisite technique of the materials miscellaneous let many like it could not afford to In 1937 to 1949 foreign invasion and civil war continued to erupt people have the market decline in demand lacquer workshop is unable to maintain the livelihood mostly diverted lacquer furniture eventually fade out of people's sight After 1949 some lacquer workshop began to return to prostitution but the loss and economic base of process differentials and other factors has been difficult to pick up And the policy of reform and opening to the outside world and pay attention to the creation of Arts and crafts and so on let lacquer industry with new opportunities for development the industry is still in the recovery period there is no breakthrough and impetuous quick success and instant material society the "working slowly and deliberately the process nor recognize the real Purple and yellow and other hardwood furniture in today's mainstream In addition to the war let technology loss no inheritance there are also a number of other reasons resulting in the original favored lacquer furniture to lose favor Lacquer furniture why favor here can find some reasons: "the understanding of hardwood furniture one is from Mr Wang Shixiang one is the antique market in Western classical Chinese furniture market Now we reflect on the fact that the Chinese people have no new understanding of hardwood furniture new feeling feel that the wood is a small number of hardwood furniture more is that the value of hardwood furniture" Hardwood furniture is popular and lacquer furniture is not because people have less understanding of the lacquer furniture Single book published from the market will be able to read out Hardwood furniture works such as Wang Shixiang's "Ming style furniture research" "Ming style furniture connoisseurship" "Ming style furniture and crafts treasure" Tian Jiaqing the Ming Yun Jia Green of, incense and other wood 55.

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